Harem pants in winter

Wearing harem pants in winter?

Harem pants were a rapidly growing trend this summer. Their light, breezy feel made them a must-have in people’s closets. But can they make the transition now that the winter months are upon us? Of course you can wear harem pants in winter!

Choosing the right material for your harem pants for winter is important when making them a winter staple. Cooler temperatures and snow require a little more than the thin linen some pants are made of. For winter, leave the breezy style behind. Go for a thicker material like cotton or wool. This will protect your legs from the elements while still having the signature flow cheap harem pants are known for.

Endless option for harem pants in winter

As far as color and print are concerned, Thai harem pants come in endless options. Winter tends to be a season full of darker colored clothing and more muted patterns. Whether you are part of this trend or like to spice winter up with brighter colors, the perfect pair of Aladdin pants for winter is out there.

For the indecisive people, you can never go wrong with a neutral color. Grey is a popular winter neutral because it’s not too dark or too bright for the season. It’s also a very versatile color and would pair well with most of what you already own, which keeps costs low for you.

Winter is boots season! Wear your Thai harem pants in winter with a pair of black combat boots or even snow boots to keep your feet warm in the chillier months. Most men’s harem pants have either elastic cuffs or side ties to shorten the legs. These features make them a great match with your favorite pair of high-heeled half boots- perfect for going out.

Baggy Aladdin Pants Burning Man design skinny leg
Baggy Aladdin Pants Burning Man design skinny leg
Aladdin Pants for Men in olive green with OM pattern
Aladdin Pants for Men in olive green with OM pattern
Aladdin Pants bistre brown with handpainted pattern
Aladdin Pants bistre brown with handpainted pattern
Baggy Yoga Pants for Men in purple with Swirl
Baggy Yoga Pants for Men in purple with Swirl

Thai Harem pants in winter pair really well with a wide range of shirts, coats, and sweaters. Regular t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts go great with cheap harem pants. If you wanted to dress your outfit up, a thin, slim-fitting sweater would do the trick! Most outerwear, from leather jackets to pea coats, go well with Aladdin pants, so you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing your warmth to make the pants work.

Another element that makes harem pants in winter great, is that they’re comfortable. During the colder months, the last thing you want to do is get dressed up and run errands all day. You want to sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate and read your favorite book. Cheap Harem pants in winter are perfect for transitioning from one activity to another. They’re more comfortable than cheap drop crotch pants but they make you look like you put effort into what you’re wearing. There’s no need to worry about squeezing into your skinny jeans to run to the post office when you have harem pants in winter.

The transition to winter, which is treacherous for most, is no problem for your Thai harem pants in winter! They’ve gone from the summer’s “must-have” to winter’s “go-to” clothing item. So if your closet is missing that perfect pair of cheap harem pants, you better get them fast because winter is here!

Thai Harem Baggy Aladdin Pants Tawny Brown with Swirl
Thai Harem Baggy Aladdin Pants Tawny Brown with Swirl
Thai Harem Pants low crotch with OM Pattern
Thai Harem Pants low crotch with OM Pattern

Christmas Buying Guide 2015


With Christmas right around the corner, you are probably looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Christmastime brings its own set of difficulties and stresses and you want to reduce this stress as much as possible. You can let this Christmas buying guide offer you the ideas that you have been looking for so that you can get back to your Christmas baking and planning without the worry of that long Christmas wish list that you have been dreading to look at. This list can help take the thought process out of your Christmas shopping and let you impress your loved ones.

What could be a better gift than the gift of fashion? People want to be stylish but often do not have the means or the knowledge to do so. Clothes are something that people need and will be used often, which make them a perfect gift that can be enjoyed over and over again. But, what if you have no idea of what fashions are the most current? This Christmas buying guide is here to help you through this process. The best part is that you do not need to go broke this Christmas thanks to these following offerings.

Our Cheap Yoga Pants as a Christmas Gift

Cheap Yoga Pants
Cheap Yoga Pants

There are so many options for yoga pants, and they do not always mean those tight options that you commonly seen worn. They can be free flowing, capris, long pants, and the more traditional version of yoga pants that you may be used to seeing. Yoga pants are made for those yoga enthusiasts, but lucky for you they are also perfect for just lounging around. There are even people who just go out and enjoy their everyday lives wearing yoga pants. These are the perfect and most well-rounded pair of pants.

A common option is the Thai fisherman pants. These are an ideal option for meditation because they offer optimal comfort due to their loose fit and the comfortable cotton material that they are created from. You can roll down the material to adjust for your height so you get the maximum comfort of wearing these pants. Do you know someone who is pregnant and is having a difficult time finding pants that they find comfortable? This is perfect for that too. These are a pair of pants that can really be perfect for most people and can be personalized thanks to their wide waist and the ability to adjust the length through rolling the waistband.

Fishermanspants14_1 Fishermanspants24_3 Fishermanspants25_1 Fishermanspants110_3

Comfy Aladdin Pants for Christmas Days

Aladdin Pants
Aladdin Pants

It can be extremely difficult to find workout clothing that is comfortable and gives you the ability to be as flexible as you need them to be. This is where the Aladdin pants come in. These are stylish and extremely comfortable option, especially for those who enjoy yoga and meditation. Yoga requires a person to really be as flexible as possible, and these pants give the wearer all of the room that they could need. These pants have a style and comfort that is all their own.

Aladdin pants offer a flexible waistline as part of its design and also offer elastic cuffed trouser legs. They come in a variety of designs so that you can be as stylish as possible wherever you choose to wear them, whether you want to wear them to your workout or you just want a comfortable pair of pants to hang out in when you are in the middle of your Netflix marathon. The loose fabric is exactly what you are looking for when you are trying to find versatility in your pants. This is exactly what makes them a comfortable option that anyone can enjoy. If you know someone who wants flexibility in their clothing, this is a perfect gift option.

PT20151001 PT20151007 PT20151006 PT20151004

Bob Marley Harem Pants as Novelty Lounge Pants

Comfort is the key when it comes to clothing. Items of clothing can be as stylish as possible, but without comfort people will opt to not wear them because they are not willing to sacrifice comfort for anything. Luckily, thanks to these Bob Marley Harem pants are not a compromise that needs to be made. These reggae inspired pants will really make you stand out wherever they are worn. These are unique options for the person in your life that has a unique personality that you want them to show off. This is a great pair of pants for someone who wants something comfy to wear when they are beachside and skateboarding. These are also perfect for sleeping or just hanging out at home. These are versatile pants that offer personality.

The fabric on these pants is incredibly soft, giving you the most comfort that you can get in your lounge pants. These pants can help you stay cool and comfortable no matter where you wear them. If you are looking for the perfect present for a special man in your life, this is a great gift that they are sure to enjoy especially if they are people who really enjoy standing out in a crowd.

Here is the link to our Bob Marley Harem Pants

Bob Marley Pants Bob Marley Pants Bob Marley Pants Bob Marley Pants

Timeless and Casual Palazzo Pants

Cheap Palazzo pants are something that has always been stylish and are amazingly comfortable. These are great options for people who are going out or staying in. They can be worn for dates or for work, or just for running errands when you are looking for a little comfort. Cheap Palazzo pants make looking good an easy and effortless task that anyone can pull off. This particular style of cheap palazzo pants are high waisted and this maximizes the style factor that these pants offer.

Cheap Palazzo Pants Cheap Palazzo Pants Cheap Palazzo Pants Cheap Palazzo Pants

This classic style of pants is timeless and casual, all at the same time. They can be worn with a wide array of clothing styles. They are versatile options that will really make the woman in your life is sure to love, no matter what style they prefer to wear. Palazzo pants are ones that can be both dressed up and down as needed or wanted and come in a variety of colors and styles that can be perfect for any woman. They are a unique option for a woman than enjoys fashion that is as comfortable as it is stylish. For Christmas this year, why not give a stylish gift at a price that you can afford?


Christmas shopping does not have to be a stressful experience with this Christmas buying guide. Through these options, you can get great ideas to get the ones that you love the best presents this year. You can give them the gifts of style and comfort, which is something that they have probably been desperately wanting. Style does not have to be boring looking or miserable to wear and people can only take so many scarves and ugly sweaters for Christmas. This year, you can try something new and you may be surprised how easily you can afford these stylish options for your loved ones.

Fashion meets function in the pants on this Christmas buying guide. Comfort is the ultimate gift that you can give this year, and your loved ones will be grateful for these perfect gifts. The best part is that you do not have to go broke this year with these gift options. Items in this Christmas buying guide are options that anyone can afford, and they are worth every cent. Getting great gifts does not mean that you have to file for bankruptcy after the holidays, so this year give your loved ones exactly what they have been looking for without breaking the bank. You can afford comfort and style for the ones that mean the most to you.

Yogahose Damen und Herren Einkaufsführer

Yogahose die passt.

Seien wir mal ehrlich, der Kauf einer guten Yogahose ist nicht so leicht wie es erscheint. Es kann schwierig sein ein funktionelles und erschwingliches Paar zu finden. Oft kauft man eine Yogahose die sich am Ende als zu eng herausstellen und man sich nicht ausreichend darin bewegen kann, oder sie haften, oder zu warm sind. Niemand kann Yoga in Hosen ausüben die nicht komfortabel sind. Yoga erfordert volle Konzentration und die Hose, die Sie tragen, sollte keinen Platz in Ihren Gedanken erhalten.


Die Thai Fischerhose

Wickelhosen, Fischerhosen oder auch Thai Hosen, sind großartig für Yoga geeignet. Sie werden auf Grund des Designs der Hüfte Wickelhosen genannt. Sie sitzen lose, sind jedoch nicht zu groß. Sie sind in voller Länge erhältlich, oder als Dreiviertel Hose Damen Yogahose, ganz wie Sie wünschen. Diese Yoga Hosen für Herren und Damen sind in einer Reihe von Farben erhältlich und passen somit zu jedem Stil und Geschmack. Sie bestehen aus 100% Baumwolle, sind somit sehr bequem und atmungsaktiv. Wir wissen ja alle, dass es beim Yoga ums Atmen geht.


Tragen Sie keine Leggings als Yogahose. Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach Yoga Hosen für Herren sein, oder günstigen Yoga Hosen, dann sind diese perfekt geeignet. Haben Sie die komfortable, enganliegende Form der Beine bemerkt, nicht so eng, jedoch nicht zu lose. Genau richtig und das ist wirklich schwer zu finden. Die Wickelhose sind passen für Größen bis zu 54“. Diese Hosen werden in Thailand hergestellt und somit sehr atmungsaktiv. In Thailand ist es das ganze Jahr über sehr heiß, Kleidung wird also dem entsprechend hergestellt. Des Weiteren sind diese Thai Hosen sehr erschwinglich.

Ideal als Geschenkidee

Sollten Sie einem Mann in Ihrer Familie haben der Yoga liebt, dann wird dieser diese Hosen lieben. Die Yogahose ist der wichtigste Teil einer jeden Yoga Ausrüstung. Wenn die Hosen zu eng, oder zu lose sind, dann kann dies die Konzentration mindern. Kaufen Sie ein Paar dieser Yoga Hosen für jeden Mann der Yoga liebt. Er wir die Hosen lieben und Sie, da Sie die Hosen für ihn gekauft haben. Männer sind recht einfach und verschwenden nicht viel Zeit beim Einkaufen. Sie kaufen was im Moment gut aussieht und funktionstüchtig erscheint. Machen Sie es einfach für ihn und kaufen Sie verschiedene Farben dieser Wickelhosen. Er wird Ihnen dafür dankbar sein und das Yoga von nun an noch mehr genießen.

Thai Fischerhose

Hier gehts zu der Yogahose für Damen und Herren Click hier