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Takraw Sepaktakraw Rattan Ball - Takraw Thailand

Takraw Sepaktakraw Rattan Ball - Takraw Thailand

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  • Manufactured by: eSiamCenter
  • Model: GIdacko
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    • Material - Wicker-Work
    • Color - nature brown
    • Size - 5"

    What is a Thai Sepak Takraw Ball and where to buy

    First time I’ve seen the Takraw ball I had no idea it exist. Sure in European countries it is a very rare to to see sepak takraw balls or even seeing people playing them. When you travel in Asian countries the sight of a sepak ball is more likely. They are not made of leather or rubber as a football. Two types of material is used for the takraw. The reason behind this is, that it depends on how you going to play with it. Are you playing with friends in the backyard or professional? After deciding to get one, this shop luckily has it in stock where you can order for yourself or your team.

    What is a Takraw Ball?

    As mentioned before, I rarely have seen those Sepak balls before. It is more common to play with in Asian countries like Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Lao, Vietnam. Who is playing with Sepak balls? There are the professionals playing seriously or Taxi driver, Motorcycle service driver meeting at 5 PM in a small field and enjoy after work to play with friends. The net is between two poles which can be a bamboo or wooden pole. No need vast space to play. The rules are very relaxed. You are allowed to kick with the leg, knee or your chest and head. Also you are allowed to touch the sepak ball with your hands!

    Sepak Ball Material options

    These balls are used with two different materials. Depending on how you going to use the Takraw Ball you can either chose one made of plastic or natural version made of wicker. The plastic Sepak Balls are mostly used in competitions and by professionals. The wicker rattan Sepak Takraw balls are made of? Haha I just mentioned it here. Yes made of wicker/rattan. I prefer these rattan takraw balls. Sure I’m not a pro and just play casually with friends sometimes. The rattan version is more soft and color can vary as they are handmade.

    Where to buy Sepak Taraw Balls?

    If you live in any of the Asian countries I mentioned before, you can buy them on local markets or hand craft stores. Still even locals sometimes scratch their heads when asking “Where can I buy a Takraw Ball in Thailand?” You have to know who to ask. Some Student or office worker in Bangkok area will probably not know where to buy Takraw balls. The most convenient way is to buy them online. Above you can see the image of the Takraw Ball. It is hand made of wicker rattan and size 5” Simply click the Add to cart button and follow through the checkout process. The price is including shipping to your door step!

    Ready for Takraw time?

    The idea was to give some more information about these Takraw balls. Ready to play? It is big fun. Not so easy but fun. Can even be compared with the haggy sack. If you good at that, playing with Takraw balls is easy for you. I recommend for you the wicker made Sepak ball. They are light weight and cool to touch. Nice handy craft from Thailand. If you accidentaly stepped on it and it is bent or oval, the rattan takraw ball is easy to form back into a round shape again. Ready? Try it out yourself and place an order today and in a few days you have the Sepak Takraw Ball at home and surprise your friend when meeting at a festival playing on the field.

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by Keyon Barker
I bought this just for fun. Too hard for me to play it. I'll give it to my son.

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