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Aladdin Pants

The New Yoga Pant

Comfort is what we all strive for when it comes to any workout routine but this is especially so for individuals who practice yoga or meditate regularly. Finding the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility and style can see almost impossible when searching for the right athletic wear. Luckily with the new Cheap Baggy Yoga Pant you can have the comfort you need and the style you want easily and affordably.

Baggy Yoga Pants

No longer is the form fitting tight skin yoga pants the go to athletic wear. Baggy yoga pants are starting to make a regular appearance not only in the gym but in daily activity as well. These pants offer all the comfort of a yoga pant with lighter free flowing fabric. These pants are not just for the gym they are great to pair with a fitted top to wear out and about. They are available in solid colors or a variety of prints. With so many patterns to choose from you are sure to find a baggy yoga pant that fits your style.  

Drop Crotch Pants

If you are looking for something that can easily be converted from a simple comfortable pant to flowing jumpsuit that the drop crotch yoga pant is going to be your new must have item. These can be worn as a pant with an elastic waist that allows for easy mobility and elastic cuffs to that can be adjusted to your perfect height. An addition feature of these drop crotch pants is the shoulder strap, located at the waist band, that allow you to transform these pants to a fashionable one piece jumper.

Thai Harem Pants

Also known as genie pants or hippie pants Thai Harem Pants are perfect for those who want to be comfortable no matter what activity the may be doing. The use of lightweight material that is free flowing and elastic hems by the ankle cuffs make these pants comfortable meditation wear or a perfect choice for nature hikes.  
Men will love the comfort of Thai Harem pants with a flexible waist as well as loose fabric that allows them to be highly active while wearing the with out discomfort. The Thai Harem pants for men are available in full length, caper crop styles and also with flexible ankle bands that allows the to transition form full length to caper  shorts with ease. These comfortable pants are great to wear to the beach or for a quiet night in.

Aladdin Pants

Fitting, comfortable and fashionable is what encompasses the new Aladdin Pants style. These pants are designed with a flexible waistline and elastic cuffed trouser legs. With a number of beautiful prints to choose from these pants can be worn comfortably around the home or casually out for a small get together.

These styles of yoga pants have been around for year but are just now adding colorful prints and a variation on the design that is better fit for more individuals on the go lifestyles. Whether you want the convenience of transitioning from the office to the yoga studio or just extreme comfort you are sure to find the perfect new yoga pant for your active day.